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Nelson Bay Golf Club Vets have a strong weekly competition. If you are over 55 and are at least a Social Golfing Member, the Vets provide a great 9 hole competition.


The Vets is a club within a club. Veteran Golf memberships are open to financial playing members of the Nelson Bay Golf Club who have reached the age of 55 or who are under 55 and incapacitated. There is no separate membership fee for the Veterans in addition to the NBGC fee. A Veteran Golf membership form must be submitted and is available from the Secretary.

Our aim is to have weekly golfing ‘get togethers’, normally on Mondays and Thursdays, to enjoy nine holes of golf, and afterwards fellowship in the clubhouse. The Monday competition is followed by a presentation of prizes and then raffles in the clubhouse.

The Vets event program is included in the Nelson Bay Golf Club Fixtures Book. Starting sheets are displayed outside the Pro Shop and on the NBGC website.


Visitors are always welcome. Visitors with a GA handicap (mandatory) from other golf clubs may play in the Veterans competition. Visitors are not eligible for trophies.


President - John Stuhmcke 0414 811 681

Captain - David Diemar 4982 5006

Secretary - Michael King 0417 262 744

Treasurer - Ted Williams 0432 036 805

Competition Manager - Martyn Jeggo 0409 166 752

Handicap Manager - Don Whatham 0435 255 345


The maximum handicap is 36. Handicap adjustments are made in accordance with guidelines as adopted by the committee. New Members, if they have a GA handicap, will have that adjusted in accordance with Vets rules. New players without a G.A. handicap will be given a provisional Vets handicap after submitting three cards (9 holes). New players should mark these cards “for handicap”.



Individual Events are played in two divisions – handicaps 1-24 (A Division) and 25-36 (B Division). The handicap split is revised annually. Handicap score is adjusted by a Vets bonus point system. A credit voucher is awarded to the winner of each division. Pro shop credits are awarded to the runners up and other best scores. A pro shop credit is awarded for NTP winners. A pro shop credit is awarded for the best handicap score (without bonus point adjustment) in each division


There is only one division. A credit voucher is awarded to the winner. Pro shop credits are awarded to the runner-up, and other best scores. A pro shop credit is awarded for NTP. An Eagle in competition is awarded one pro shop credit. A Hole in One is awarded a $40 voucher and a trophy.

For both competitions, the number of prize winners depends on the number of players.

Winners of a Monday event are announced on the day of competition. Thursday winners are displayed on the handicap board on the following Friday.

New Vets members should see the pro shop staff about opening an account.


This is drawn up a week ahead from players who competed in the previous Monday event. Members who are unable to play on this Monday are requested to notify the program manager of the date they will next be available to play. The member should enter that date on the side of the starting sheet.

After the draw is published, names may be added but changes to the draw must not be made without reference to the program manager and a member must not change the starting time of another player without the approval of that player.

Every effort is made to ensure that:

• Players play in a different group each week;

• An early start one week is followed by a later start the next week; and

• Players will generally alternate between nines each week.

Arrangements can be made for players who have special needs, such as a particular time requirement or who need to share a cart. However, the final order of play rests with the Competition Manager.


The starting sheet for the following week is placed on the board outside the proshop approximately half an hour before the start of each Thursday competition. Players may nominate their own starting times and playing partners. A member must not change the starting times of another player without the approval of that player.


Competition results and future draws are published in the “Veterans” section under the heading “Golf” in the NBGC website home page at the first reasonable opportunity.


Current Vets competition fees for Mondays and Thursdays are $10.00. $7.00 is a green fee each day and $3.00 goes towards winners’ prizes, annual trophies and general Vets funds including a contribution to the Presentation Night on the night of the last formal Monday competition.


If weather causes cancellation of an event, the Captain or, in his absence, the Vice Captain, will notify the Pro Shop by 11.00 am. Members may contact the pro shop after 11.00 am. An informal competition may be substituted.


Members compete for a number of trophies and annual awards. For this purpose Monday and Thursday competitions are separate. Members are only eligible for one trophy or annual award for Monday events. However, a member may win a trophy or annual award in each of Monday and Thursday competitions.


Moses Trophy: Most Monday attendances throughout the year.

Schiemar Trophy: Total of the best 20 rounds for the “over 80 year olds”

Kutcha Trophy: Total of the best 6 stroke and best 6 stableford rounds on

nominated days

Rose Trophy: Total of the best 20 rounds

TentonTrophy: Best Net Stroke score on each of the 9 holes

Garnett Trophy: Best stableford score on each of the 9 holes

Trophy winners, other than the winner of the Moses Trophy, are also awarded vouchers. For the Rose, Tenton and  Garnett trophies, the vouchers are awarded to winners in three divisions: Division 1, Handicaps 1-19: Division 2, Handicaps 20-27: Division 3, Handicaps 28-36.


Vouchers are awarded for winner and runner up in the following two categories:

Total of the best 20 rounds

Best individual 9 hole score.

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