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Golf Competition Types

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Individual players score and each stroke counted.



Event works where instead of points it is plus, square or minus from shots allocated on the hole based on your handicap. Mostly used in amateur golf. The object is to have more pluses than minuses at the end.



A team stroke event played as a TWO, THREE OR FOUR PERSON AMBROSE. Each player plays a tee shot at each hole. The best drive is selected. Other members retrieve their balls and in turn play a shot within one club length of the position of the best drive. However if a ball is in the rough or a hazard, the next shots must be played from that condition. This procedure of selecting the best position for each shot continues until the ball is holed. In some three or four person Ambrose events, a "drop off" rule applies. In this case the player whose ball has been selected does not play the next shot. This applies until the ball is on the green, when all players are then entitled to putt.


Canadian Foursomes

Two players play as partners. Both players play tee shots at every hole, and afterwards continue, playing alternately with whichever ball they nominate, i.e. the partner playing the second stroke. Half aggregate stroke handicap.



Usually a two person team event where the stableford points of each player in the team are multiplied together, that is, 3 x 0 = 0; 3 x 2 = 6


Team Split 6's

Usually a stableford teams event where the best one score of the team is recorded for the first 6 holes, the sum of the best two scores are recorded for the next 6 holes and the sum of the best three scores is recorded for the last 6 holes.



Rather than counting the total number of strokes taken it involves scoring points based on your handicap and the number of strokes taken at each hole.


Match Play (Scratch and Nett)

Knockout competition played under Matchplay conditions and using match index.


4 Ball Best Ball

A two person team’s event where the team takes the best score by either of them for each hole the best score only is to be recorded. The competition may be either stroke, stableford or par. (Although the correct term for this form of play is 4BBB, it is often commonly referred to as 2BBB).


American Foursomes

Both players play tee shots at each hole, and then play a second stroke with their partner’s ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the third stroke. Handicap allowance is 1/2 of aggregate stroke handicap


Irish Four Ball

This is played as a team’s stableford event.

The scoring is as follows:

Holes 1-6: Best single score
Holes 7-11: Total of best Two scores
Holes 12-15: Total of best Three scores
Holes 16-18: Total of all scores



A team’s event for two, three or four players, where the stableford points for each player are added together for each hole.

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