Ladies ‘Bay Buddies’ Program

 The Ladies’ Committee runs the Bay Buddies, a membership development program.

The aim of the initiative is to educate potential club members in a friendly, non-threatening environment about etiquette and the process of competition play.  Socialisation is also an important focus, both during and following mentored games. 

In a nutshell, the initiative offers new players nine holes of golf in the company of an experienced golfer or “buddy”, each Monday and Wednesday afternoon.   Presented in conjunction with Warren Moses’ golfing clinics, the Bay Buddies provides a relaxed opportunity for potential golfers to experience the game and, perhaps, take their involvement to the next level.

The support of club members as mentors, who volunteer their time most generously, has been integral to this success and in a very short time the Bay Buddies has proved most popular.  Presently, a number of participants have reached competition standard and are completing cards for handicap and the option of playing competition golf. 

The viability of the Bay Buddies is dependent on a regular induction of new participants. It is possible that you, our members, maybe a valuable means to assist in this area.  As a golfer, you may be aware of potential candidates for the Bay Buddies.  If you do know of any prospective recruits, please offer them encouragement to join.  A call to Ann Turner (0409 556 949) is all that is required to start the process. 

Golf is a wonderful sport and so much more, let’s share our passion!



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