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Dear Members & Guests, 

I look forward to welcoming our members and guests back into the clubhouse which, for most of us, is our second home. 

To sit down after golf and enjoy a beverage, snack or meals with your family and friends has been sorely missed. 

For our non-golf members and visitors who visit the club for their social outings with friends and family a warm welcome back to you all. 

With the lifting of restrictions by the NSW Government there comes strict guidelines, most of which we have already been observing. Management and staff are fully conversant with social distancing regulations and will be happy to guide you through the “do’s and don’ts” whilst visiting the clubhouse. 

Please remember the staff are here to help you comply with social distancing rules, be respectful of them always, they are just doing their job. 

Clubhouse Opening Times 
Clubhouse opening and closing times have been reduced during this return to operations period and can change without notice depending on demand. 


  • Monday 11am – 7pm
  • Tuesday 11am – 7pm
  • Wednesday 10am – 7pm 
  • Thursday 11am – 8pm
  • Friday 11am – 9pm
  • Saturday 10am – 9pm
  • Sunday 11am – 7pm

Bluewater Grill 

  • Monday - Lunch from 11.30am | Lunch & Takeaways
  • Tuesday - Lunch from 11.30am | Lunch & Takeaways
  • Wednesday - Lunch from 11.30am | Lunch & Takeaways
  • Thursday - Lunch from 11:30am | Dinner from 5pm | Lunch, Dinner & Takeaways
  • Friday Lunch from 11:30am | Dinner from 5pm | Lunch, Dinner & Takeaways
  • Saturday Lunch from 11:30am | Dinner from 5pm | Lunch, Dinner & Takeaways
  • Sunday Lunch from 11.30am | Lunch & Takeaways

Bookings for the Bluewater Grill are essential. Please book via the club’s website or call 4981 4256 

Take away will continue by phoning 4981 4256 or texting 0418 665 149 

The furniture in the clubhouse has been set to comply with the one person per 4 sqm social distancing rules and should not be moved as co-mingling is not permitted. 

The following information is key to how we must operate at this time:

1 person for every 4 square metres cap. In addition to the cap on the number of patrons, a club must also ensure that the number of people in a club (including staff and contractors) – and the number of people within each area in a club – do not exceed 1 person per 4 square metres. Clubs will be required to have one or more CovidSAFE Host, dressed to be highly visible and tasked with ensuring compliance with the 1 person per 4 square metre rule (in addition to promoting good personal hygiene). 

Can alcohol be purchased without a meal/food? Yes. NSW Health have confirmed that the purchase and consumption of alcohol will not be ancillary to the purchase and consumption of food. 

Is a patron required to consume food to visit the club and use its facilities? No. Patronage will not be predicated on the consumption of food. 

Do family members need to socially distance inside the club? Members of the same household are not required to socially distance. Family members should observe distancing standards where they are not in the same household. Clubs should arrange seating so that chairs are distanced at 1.5 metres, to give all patrons the opportunity to socially distance. Members of the same household may wish to bring seating closer together. If a group of patrons is not socially distanced at a table, the club’s CovidSAFE Host should enquire whether the patrons are from the same household. If the patrons are not from the same household, the Host should advise the patrons to observe distancing of 1.5 metres between each other. 

Gaming machines and social distancing. Clubs should appropriately distance gaming machines to ensure that the space between players is 1.5 meters. This may involve switching off machines, removing chairs and/or physically spacing out machines to separate individuals. 

Sign-in requirements and recording details. Clubs will be required to record the names and contact details (e.g. telephone number or email address) of all patrons (including members), staff, contractors and any other person that enters the club, and to retain this information for 28 days for contact tracing purposes. 

The process will be to swipe your membership card at the reception desk when you enter the Club and before leaving the Club. If you enter the Club more than once in a day you will have to follow the same procedure on each visitation. 

Penalties and enforcement. Sections 10 and 11 of the Public Health Act 2010 include severe penalties for breaching a public health order. These include: • 6 months imprisonment for an individual involved in the breach. • a penalty of $55,000 for companies; and • an order that the club be closed. 

Moreover, breaching the rules may endanger vulnerable community members and result in significant harm to the industry’s reputation. 

The NSW Government has indicated that local council inspectors will be empowered to enforce a club’s compliance with the reopening conditions, as well as police officers. The NSW Government has also indicated that clubs’ compliance with the reopening conditions will be covertly audited by inspectors, who will not give club’s pre-notification. 

Clubs are strongly encouraged to invite their local police and council representatives to inspect the club’s arrangements and confirm compliance. 

Venue registration with Service NSW Clubs and other hospitality businesses will be required to register details of their venue using an online form via Service NSW – the details you need to provide will include the number of dining areas (described below), total floor space, intended patron capacity and number of staff being re-employed (this should include administrative staff, as it will be used by government to indicate the economic impact of the re-opening). 

Other Items 
Clubhouse Entry - Clubhouse entry and exit will only be via the main entrance. 
Bar Transactions - Pay Wave transactions are the preferred method of payments at all club outlets. To minimise bar/eftpos transactions it would assist staff if members could topped up their bar accounts with a lump sum payment.  
Golf Ballots - Tuesday & Thursday golf ballots will return on June 2nd with the clubhouse draw commencing at 4pm not 5pm and the online draw still available from 7pm. 
Courtesy Bus While Covid-19 restrictions are still in place the Club’s Courtesy Bus will not be operating. 
Friday Night Raffles While Covid-19 restrictions are still in place the Friday Night Raffles will not resume. 
Draught Beer - Breweries are only producing a few varieties of beer at present, but will introduce additional varieties of beer as demand increases. 

How long will these rules be in place nobody knows, however, I urge you to comply with the regulations so that we all can again enjoy each other’s company and support the club we love. 

Trevor Harrison 
General Manager

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