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The following is an update on the club’s position due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The Board, Management and stakeholders Moses Golf and Semmens & Sons Catering held a meeting this morning to discuss operational and financial issues facing the club. 

The wellbeing of our members, staff and community is our highest priority. 

As you would be aware the Australian Government and NSW Government has instigated a closure of clubs, pubs, restaurants etc. effective midday today. 

The Board has put together a committee to investigate the stimulus package offered to Not-For-Profit Organisations. The committee members are Alan Bentley, John Hodgkinson (both well respected and accomplished businessmen) and Ryan Palmer. They will investigate and disseminate their findings to the Board. Based on their findings we will apply for any assistance to enable us to keep our club viable now and into the foreseeable future. 

We will also be talking to our bankers in regard to any loans we may need in the future and in particular the $250,000 six month interest free loan announced in the Government’s stimulus package. 

Before this COVID-19 threat we were in a very sound financial position and indeed we are fortunate to have a substantial bank balance at present. 

For our greens staff at present it is business as usual and they will continue to prepare the course. 

We should all be aware that this is a very fluid situation and can change with every passing 24-hour period. Please monitor the news bulletins for updates and stick to the government guidelines and get used to practicing social distancing at all times. Don’t think you are bulletproof. COVID -19 will take your life if given the chance. 

It is obviously too early to inform members of the impact of the closure of the clubhouse except to say it will be extraordinary. It will take some time to be in a position where we can reasonably assess the hit to the club’s bottom line and what are the costs involved in keeping the clubhouse in a maintenance-only mode. 

In the coming days, contacts will be made with our suppliers and other providers re terms and conditions. Some may need renegotiation while others will have to be cancelled. Whatever the outcome members can be assured any decisions made will be with the aim of ensuring the club’s continued future.

We are aware that some of our members do not have access to emails. For those of you who know members in this situation please advise them of this newsletter which will also be on the News section of our website. 

The Match Committee has taken up the following suggestions from the R&A and GA during the COVID 19 crisis. 

These rules have been adopted as Temporary Local Rules and will cease when Golf Australia says so. 
  1. NBGC is now a strictly Members Only golf club – no visitors are allowed anywhere on the premises or course.
  2. Social Distancing is mandatory – this includes only one person per cart. If 2 persons are seen in a single cart both players will be disqualified from their competition and have their membership automatically suspended for 2 weeks. Persons living together are exempt.
  3. All rakes have been removed so all bunkers are deemed to be GUR areas and MUST be treated with free relief as Abnormal Course Conditions under Rule 16.1a, ie dropping the ball outside the bunker NOT placing it.
  4. To avoid touching flag sticks, all flagsticks MUST remain in their holes untouched. Some suitable material will be inserted into every hole by the greens staff so that the ball sits on it and not at the bottom of the hole. Removal of the flagstick will incur a 2 stroke (General) Penalty to the person removing it. Please note that if the ball is seen to go into the hole, it will count as being holed, even if it jumps out.
  5. All players are to mark their own score card and to verbally agree their total scores at the end of the round with their playing partner, whose name should be entered in the “Marker” box, noting that our system rejects any card not having names in both the Players box and the Markers box. Honesty and integrity are integral to golf.
  6. Every player must then place his/her own card into the plastic box provided outside the Pro Shop.
  7. The Match Committee will scan and save all competition cards but any discrepancies will be ignored, left uncorrected and the player possibly disqualified. See Rule 3 of Golf.
  8. Results of competitions will be published online
  9. These new Temporary Local Rules will apply from Tuesday 24th March until further notice. 

From the Ladies Captain – Peri Kennedy 

Dear Ladies,
We will be introducing changes to our golfing protocol over the coming weeks and even months and I do hope everyone will understand why these measures are being taken and pull together to ensure the slowest spread of the Covid-19 virus as possible.  

It is important for our mental health that we continue to enjoy the company of our friends and what better way to do this for us, but out on the golf course. 

We will not be doing presentations until further notice. The results, however will be published as usual on the Club website and vouchers winners will be notified.  

Regrettably our Breast Cancer Day has had to be postponed. I have assured the committee for this event that we will certainly be able to find them another Tuesday later in the year. 

The Pennant Season started this week and all our teams did well - Division 1 squared, Division 3 had a win as did Division 5.  

At the time of writing this report Pennants was going to proceed, this has since been revised and Pennants is currently postponed and will most likely be cancelled for this year. 

The second round of the Captain’s Trophy was played last Tuesday and the following ladies made it through to the next round. Please ensure that when you book in for golf on our next medal round that you are not playing in the same group as your opponent in this event.  
  • B. Frost plays F. Giudes, 
  • G. Murray plays J. Hazel, 
  • D. Johnson plays J. Punshon 
  • H. Atkins has a walkover. 

Well done to those ladies and good luck in the next round. I do hope we might be playing again by then, but we shall see. 

These are very difficult times and no one is sure what the future hold. 

Take care and stay healthy, that is the best we can do. 

From the Master Pennants Manager – Alan Daubaras 

Our first game is on Sunday 17th May and the last qualifying round is on 21st June – subject to the COVID-19 crisis. We will be competing with teams from Gosford, Everglades and Maitland Golf Clubs in a home and away series. 

I want to hear from you if you are interested in representing your club at this level. You must be over 50 years of age on the date of the first match and probably have a GA handicap in single figures.  

Availability for most rounds will be a distinct advantage so please contact me via Reception as soon as you can, as free practice rounds will be organised for the chosen squad. A free shirt is provided by the club to the selected squad. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

From the Captain – David Rann 

It is so important to support your own club through these trying times. The Pro Shop will be open so playing golf is still possible and encouraged, so please stay healthy, walk the course if you can and enjoy our wonderful location. 

We had a winner of the Eagles Nest on Saturday 21st March - Ian Edmunds (09721) with a 3 on the 27th! Many congratulations! 

From the General Manager – Trevor Harrison 

As I mentioned in our previous newsletter if any member requires assistance or are unsure about the COVID-19 matters, please do not hesitate to contact the club by emailing [email protected] or calling 4981 1132 

For further information from the Federal Government on COVID-19, the Coronavirus Health Information Line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 1800 020 080.

Trevor Harrison
General Manager


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